SmartLedger’s view of institutional fund-raising

SmartLedger believes that no one can sell an investment idea better than the fund manager itself while engaging with the right investor

The ‘golden age of placement’ is over, but the fund management industry still mostly runs on processes that severely need an update. Placement agents distinguish themselves by their special relationships with the institutional investment community, with leading firms emphasising their ‘black books’. Rarely in other industries would such a critical sales process be trusted to such an unscientific approach.

At SmartLedger, whilst decades of working within the financial and fund management world has racked up a significant list of personal contacts, we approach the matter of identifying available pools of capital or the right relationships in a scientific way. Through our specialist sector and market research, proprietary processes and insight, SmartLedger has found that this method has far more impact than the age-old ‘black books’ method.

Fund-raise consulting and support

SmartLedger provides a consulting, support, and management service to alternative fund managers looking to raise funds, with the view to build and/or enhance their in-house marketing and fund-raising capabilities. Through high-level marketing techniques, consistent engagement and sound scientific analysis, Magpar is able to delve deep into the nuance characteristics of the investor market place to identify the appropriate pools of capital.


Under traditional placement procedures, the initial period of a placement campaign is notoriously opaque. As a result, clients may feel that they have no visibility and control over the entire process. SmartLedger’s marketing and fund-raising consulting provides full transparency and reporting to the client in support of their campaign, therefore delivering an additional service: visibility.


SmartLedger’s consulting platform delivers granular reporting and metrics so that clients can see how the campaign is progressing in near real time. This not only reduces anxiety, but also allows clients to guide and query the approach and strategy.