Where business strategy meets next generation Blockchain technology implementation

At SmartLedger we help business leaders and their owners understand and deal with Blockchain and other pervasive technologies including Ethereum, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Internet of Things (IoT)… We help executives understand the real threat of Blockchain that can destroy an entire industry sector and disintermediate the participants at remarkable pace. We help CXO’s understand the impact (threat), deliver a strategy (response) and implement the technologies to create new business models to defend the business and take advantage of new opportunities…

Strategic and Technology Consulting

We help clients address a number of strategic and tactical issues related to successfully deploying Blockchain and other advanced technologies including:

  • Understand what does Blockchain mean to your Business and Sector…?
  • What are the immediate (<12 month) strategic Threats and Opportunities…?
  • How should your Business respond…?
  • How do you come up with a Digital Blockchain strategy that prevents corporate value being destroyed…?
  • An understanding of the right skills and capability to Implement Blockchain business models…?
  • How best to build your Blockchain capabilities and effective team(s) to implement your Blockchain strategy..?
  • Enabling you to rapidly Design, Build and Deploy a new Blockchain business model

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SmartLedger Consortium

Many organisations want to explore the potential of Blockchain and we offer our clients the opportunity to get immersed in the technology and influence its development. Our SmartLedger Technology (SLT) stack delivers a Blockchain Smart Contract implementation framework for Asset Managers, Global Custodians, Equities Registration and Capital Markets organisations allowing them to participate in the research, development and implementation of SmartLedger technology.

Membership of the SmartLedger Consortia is a great way to start the journey to understand the impact of Blockchain and understand how to deploy Smart Contracts with access to our MeetUps, Labs, Partner Network, Knowledge base and IP.

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Customised SmartLedger Development

If you are aiming to build your in-house capabilities for Blockchain (and other Distributed Ledger Technology), Smart Contracts and Smart Ledgers applications deployment we offer our Blockchain Labs development environment to supplement your efforts or your can outsource the development to us.

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Now that you know a little about WHO WE SERVE, and HOW WE WORK you may be curious about how we create results in an organisation? Perhaps an initial conversation would be worthwhile to see how we might help?